5.0" Wireless Video Baby Monitor with PTZ Camera & 5000mAh Battery


Step into a world of advanced baby monitoring with our 5.0" Wireless Video Baby Monitor. This device, equipped with a PTZ Camera and a powerful 5000mAh battery, is the perfect ally for modern parenting. Designed for clarity, convenience, and peace of mind, our monitor helps you stay connected with your baby like never before.


Key Features:

👶 Crystal-Clear Viewing: Enjoy a pristine view on the 5" HD IPS screen, offering 30% more visual space.

🔍 2X Zoom Precision Monitoring: Keep a close eye on 2X zoom capabilities.

🎥 360° Pan, 55° Tilt PTZ Camera: Achieve comprehensive room coverage.

🔋 Long-Lasting Battery: Rely on the robust 5000mAh battery for all-day monitoring.

👶 Two-Way Communication & Night Vision: Speak and soothe your baby anytime, with clear vision at night.

👁️ Expandable Camera System: Option to add up to 2 cameras for complete room surveillance.

🎶 Lullabies & Alarms: Gently soothe your baby and stay alert with temperature and sound alarms.

👶 TF Card Recording: Capture precious moments effortlessly.

🚀 HD 720P Resolution & Long Range: Enjoy sharp visuals and a strong connection up to 656 feet.

⚙️ VOX Mode for Power Management: Efficient usage with VOX mode and the large battery.

🌐 Hassle-Free Security: Simple setup without WiFi or app dependencies.

🚨 Temperature & Sound Alerts: Stay informed about your baby's environment.

🔔 Feeding Clock & Installation Tips: Never miss a feeding time with set alarms.

🔒 Flexible Installation Options: Choose a stand or wall mount for stability.

 1-Year Guarantee & Lifetime Support: Backed by a solid warranty and ongoing support.



  • Screen Size: 5.0 inches
  • Battery: 5000mAh
  • Resolution: HD 720P
  • Range: Up to 656 feet
  • Camera: PTZ with 360° pan and 55° tilt
  • Installation: Stand/Wall Mount
  • Additional Features: Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, TF Card Support, Lullabies, VOX Mode

Your child's safety and your peace of mind are paramount. With our 5.0" Wireless Video Baby Monitor, embrace a new era of parenting confidence. Its comprehensive features and reliable performance make it an indispensable part of your baby care toolkit. Don't compromise your baby's safety – choose the best: choose our Baby Monitor.



Q: Can the monitor work in different rooms?
A: Absolutely! With its long-range capability, you can monitor your baby from different rooms.

Q: Is the installation process complicated?
A: Not at all! The monitor offers easy installation options, either stand or wall-mounted, to suit your preference.

Q: Can I record a video of my baby?
A: The monitor supports TF card recording, allowing you to capture and cherish every moment.

🌟 Ready to enhance your baby monitoring experience?
Order your 5.0" Wireless Video Baby Monitor today and enter a world of advanced, stress-free parenting!


Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Loyal Lakin

Wonderful product. Excellent image in the dark TBM, wired camera

Eusebio Thiel

I’m very surprised so far. It just got delivered and we’re testing it now as the baby is sleeping. Pros: sharp/big screen - 8 lullaby’s - easy to install and work with - you can turn the camera from the baby monitor to different angles - you can turn the volume up or down on the baby monitor instead of one volume - battery already seems good. Cons: the image on the camera moves a little bit slower than your actual movement - some lullaby’s have a loud volume and you can’t turn the music down. Haven’t tested the range yet.

Abigale Greenholt

The product is okay, especially for this money. I was a little disapointent because I expected that video monitor turns on when the camera detects movement and sound. Sadly, it turns on only when detects sound.

Markus Huel

Excellent product price/quality ratio. The battery lasts long

Jacinthe Dibbert

Really impressed by the quality