48CM Hand Throw Foam Plane Outdoor Toys


Elevate your child's playtime with our 48CM Hand Throw Foam Plane Outdoor Toy! This isn't just a toy; it's an adventure waiting to take flight. Watch as your child's imagination soars like never before.


Key Features:

🔹 Durable & Safe Design: Crafted from EPP high-polymer material, this foam plane boasts exceptional durability, lightweight construction, and impressive impact resistance. Say goodbye to worries about rough landings or unexpected crashes – this plane can handle it all while ensuring safety for your kids.

🔹 Elevate the Fun: Designed with aerodynamics in mind, our foam plane offers a lifelike flight simulation experience. Whether at the park or in your backyard, assembling its fuselage and two wings is a breeze. With vibrant colors available in Blue, Red, Orange, Green, and Yellow, it's not just fun; it's visually stunning too!

🔹 Perfect for Kids & Beginners: Looking for an incredible gift for children aged 4-14? Look no further. This foam plane is perfect for aviation-themed parties or festive occasions. Even if you're a beginner, worry not – have an experienced adult by your side for the first few throws.



  • Material: Crafted from safe EVA and PEE foam materials.
  • Size: Generous 48cm wingspan.
  • Weight: As light as a feather, at just 40g.


Note: Product colors vary slightly due to lighting and display differences. Always ensure supervision for younger kids.

Ready to witness pure joy in your child's eyes? Dive into a world of flight and imagination with our Foam Glider Airplane. Grab yours now and let the sky become their playground!



Q: Is this foam plane suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! This foam plane is perfect for beginners and children aged 4-14. Just ensure an experienced adult is there for the initial throws.

Q: Are the materials safe for kids?

A: The foam plane is crafted from safe EVA and PEE foam materials, making it kid-friendly and durable.

Q: What colors are available?

A: You can choose from various vivid colors, including Blue, Red, Orange, Green, and Yellow.

Take advantage of the opportunity to inspire your child's inner pilot and provide them with endless outdoor fun. Grab our 48CM Hand Throw Foam Plane Outdoor Toy today!


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