48CM Bebe Doll - Lifelike, Soft Silicone, Pink Dress, Bath Toy

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Welcome to a world of lifelike wonder with our 48CM Bebe Doll, a marvel of play and imagination. This doll isn't just a toy; it's a bundle of joy, ready to enrich your child's playtime with realistic interactions and heartwarming experiences.


Key Features:

🌟 Reflective Beauty: Embrace diversity with her unique tan complexion, a beautiful testament to the global spectrum of beauty.

📏 Engineered for Embraces: Standing 18 inches tall and weighing 2.2LBS, she is crafted for the most genuine and comforting cuddles.

🌸 Superior Craftsmanship: Feel the difference with her premium silicone vinyl construction, offering a realistic, supple texture and flexible limbs.

🛁 Aquatic Playmate: Bath time becomes a joyous adventure with this completely water-friendly doll.

👁 Enthralling Eyes: Her realistic, high-quality acrylic eyes from Taiwan add depth and character, making each moment shared with her truly special.

💇 A Canvas for Creativity: Style her heat-resilient synthetic hair to your heart's content, transforming her look from straight to curly.

👗 Fashion-Forward: She arrives in a charming pink dress, but the fun doesn't end there! She's compatible with premie real baby-size clothes for endless fashion adventures.



  • Height: 18 inches (48CM)
  • Weight: 2.2LBS (1KG)
  • Material: Premium Silicone Vinyl
  • Hair: Heat-resilient synthetic fibers
  • Eyes: High-quality acrylic sourced from Taiwan
  • Clothing: Includes a pink dress, compatible with premie baby attire
  • Additional Accessories: Pacifier, feeding bottle, certificate of authenticity


Take advantage of this chance to bring home a doll and a heartwarming companion that promises endless interactive enjoyment and a touch of realism. The 48CM Bebe Doll is more than a toy; it's a friend for life, waiting to be welcomed into your arms.



Q: Can the doll be bathed?

A: Absolutely! She's designed to be water-friendly for fun bath times.

Q: Is the hairstyle changeable?

A: Her hair is made from heat-resilient synthetic fibers, allowing you to safely style it up to 120° Centigrade.

Q: Are the eyes of the doll movable?

A: The eyes are permanent and unblinking, adding to her lifelike presence.

Bring home your 48CM Bebe Doll today and experience the joy of a truly huggable, realistic companion! 🌼




Customer Reviews

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Peyton Prohaska

Very beautiful love

Pablo Langworth

Perfect! My granddaughter loved it!!!

Orrin Heaney

Very nice

Maia D'Amore

Beautiful, great material, very beautiful color, however the total size is 40cm and not 48cm as in the advert

Herta Boyle