42cm Soft Lifelike Baby Reborn Doll - Ideal Sleeping Companion


We are introducing our 42cm Soft Lifelike Baby Reborn Doll - the perfect addition to your child's world of play and companionship. This exquisitely crafted doll is not just a toy; it's a source of comfort, creativity, and learning for your little one.


Key Features:

👶 Safe and Eco-Friendly: Crafted with imported environmentally friendly vinyl rubber, this doll is not only exquisitely made but also safe for your child to play with.

🌙 Ideal Sleeping Companion: The Soft Lifelike Baby Reborn Doll can be your child's soothing companion at night, helping them develop a healthy habit of sleeping independently.

🤰 Perfect for Parents-to-Be: Expecting moms and dads can use this doll as an opportunity to practice their parenting skills, making it a versatile tool for those preparing for the real deal.

🎁 Great Gift: Whether it's for photography, birthdays, or educational purposes, this lifelike doll makes for a delightful and memorable gift.

🌈 Available in Various Styles: Choose from a variety of charming outfits to match your child's preferences.

🧒 Realistic Design: With a high simulation level and realistic features, this doll is perfect for your child's imaginative play.

👀 Stunning Acrylic Eyes: Made with high-grade acrylic eyes from Taiwan, these eyes do not blink, adding to the doll's lifelike appearance.

👶 Japanese Hair Car Hair: The doll's hair is of top quality, enhancing its overall charm.

🍼 Accessories Included: The doll comes with a pacifier and diapers to complete the nurturing experience.

👗 Clothing Options: The doll comes with its own set of clothing, but you can also choose to dress it in real baby clothes for a more personalized touch.

🎨 Colorful Choices: With various colors and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect Soft, Lifelike Baby Reborn Doll for your child.



  • Size: Length 42cm x Width 21cm x Height 12cm (sitting height about 29cm)
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Structure: Movable head and limbs with a soft cotton body
  • Eyes: High-grade acrylic
  • Hair: Japanese hair cut
  • Accessories: Pacifier, diapers


Our Soft Lifelike Baby Reborn Doll is not just a doll; it's a learning experience and a source of endless joy for your child. It's designed to encourage creativity, teach responsibility, and provide comfort. Perfect for children and parents-to-be, this doll is a heartfelt addition to any home.



Q: Is the doll safe for young children? 
A: Yes, it's made with eco-friendly materials and is safe for children.

Q: Can the doll's clothes be changed?
A: Absolutely! It comes with its own set of clothing, but you can also dress it in real baby clothes.

Q: Are the eyes of the doll movable?
A: The eyes are high-grade acrylic and do not blink, enhancing its lifelike appearance.

Q: Is there any variation in the doll's appearance?
A: Yes, colors and styles may vary slightly, offering a range of options.

Bring a world of imagination and comfort to your child's life with this beautiful, lifelike doll. Order now and witness the joy it brings to your little one's world!


Customer Reviews

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Robbie Powlowski

She is perfect

Demario Ruecker

It is very beautiful worth the wait

Alyce Johns

Great material are beautiful dolls arrived fast congratulations

Xzavier Witting

Beautiful girls loved Thank you congratulations

Joanny Reichert

Very cute