42cm Lifelike Sleeping Reborn Doll - Soft Toddler Bebe Toy


Step into the world of realism and charm with the 42cm Lifelike Sleeping Reborn Doll! This exquisitely crafted doll goes beyond being just a toy; it's a true-to-life companion perfect for children, a valuable educational tool, and a serene friend ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and crafted from high-quality materials, this Reborn Doll offers an authentic and comforting experience.


Key Features:

🌟 High-Quality Material: Made from imported, environmentally friendly vinyl rubber, this doll boasts a realistic, delicate feel. Its soft cotton body is ideal for cuddling and safe for little hands.

🌙 Sleep-Friendly Companion: A soothing friend for the night, designed to foster independence and healthy sleeping habits in children.

👶 Pre-Parenting Practice: An invaluable educational resource for expectant mothers, providing hands-on experience in infant care.

👚 Versatile Wardrobe: Comes with adorable outfits and can wear real baby clothes, allowing for endless creativity and customization.

👁️ Realistic Features: Equipped with high-grade acrylic eyes and Japanese hair care-styled hair, enhancing its lifelike presence.

🍼 Accessory Kit: Each doll includes a pacifier and diapers, perfect for imaginative role-playing.



  • Size: 42cm
  • Material: Environmentally friendly vinyl rubber, soft cotton body
  • Eyes: High-grade acrylic, from Taiwan
  • Hair: Styled with Japanese hair care techniques
  • Accessories: Pacifier, diapers


Whether you're looking for the perfect playmate for your child, a tool to encourage good sleeping habits, or preparing for a new addition to your family, the 42cm Lifelike Sleeping Reborn Doll is your ideal choice. Its realism, versatility, and soothing presence make it more than just a doll - it's a cherished part of your family's daily life.



Q: Is the doll safe for young children? 
A: Absolutely! The doll is made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials and has a soft body, making it safe and comfortable for children.

Q: Can the doll wear regular baby clothes?
A: Yes, the doll is designed to be compatible with real baby clothes, offering a fun and realistic dressing experience.

Q: Is the doll suitable for educational purposes?
A: Definitely. It's an excellent resource for expectant mothers to practice infant care, as well as a tool for teaching children about nurturing and responsibility.

Embrace the joy and realism of parenthood and childhood with the 42cm Lifelike Sleeping Reborn Doll - Your delightful companion in life's precious moments! 🌟👶🛌


Customer Reviews

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Velda Wiegand

This little but very pretty, looks like a real baby but in mine😊

Seamus Jenkins


Cristal Strosin

Very nice and tender.

Arnulfo Friesen

Very cute

Frederic Schaden

Is super well achieved.