3D Wooden Puzzle Gear Model DIY Kit - Gift for Children & Teens


Unleash your creativity and engineering skills with our 3D Wooden Puzzle Gear Model DIY Kit, featuring a captivating Cruiser Motorcycle design! This kit is not just a building project but a journey into the heart of mechanics. This kit promises hours of engaging and educational fun, perfect for hobbyists, aspiring engineers, or anyone who loves motorcycles.


Key Features:

🧩 Intricate Design & High-Quality Materials: Comprising 420 precision-cut plywood pieces, this kit offers a challenging yet rewarding assembly experience. The quality of the materials ensures durability and an impressive finish.

🏍️ Dynamic Movement: Once assembled, witness the magic of mechanics in action. Twist the spring, the motorcycle can travel up to 7~10 feet, showcasing the moving engine pistons for an immersive experience.

⏳ Substantial Assembly Time: Immerse yourself for about 5 hours in the assembly process, perfect for those who love dedicating time to intricate projects.

🚀 Educational Value: Recommended for ages 14 and up, it's an excellent way for teens (and adults) to learn about mechanical systems. Younger children (under 14) can enjoy the fun with parental guidance, making it a great family project.

🌍 Eco-Friendly & Safe: Certified with EN71, CE, FSC, and FCC, ensuring the product is environmentally friendly and safe.

⚖️ Product Specifications: Weighing 630g, the assembled model measures 270*116*160mm, making it a substantial display piece. The package size is 317*233*39mm, perfect for gifting.

📦 International Shipping Friendly: Note that wax is not included in the package when shipped from China due to international shipping restrictions. However, this can be easily substituted with a candle for the same experience.



  • Weight: 630g
  • Assembled Model Size: 270*116*160mm
  • Package Size: 317*233*39mm


Elevate your building skills, gain a deeper understanding of mechanical motion, and have a blast with our 3D Wooden Puzzle Gear Model DIY Kit. It's more than just a model; it's an adventure in engineering and creativity. Take advantage of this opportunity! Grab yours today and start your journey into the world of mechanics. 🛠️🎁



Q: Is this kit suitable for beginners?

A: While it offers a challenging experience, it's designed for beginners and enthusiasts. Younger builders may require parental guidance.

Q: Are the materials safe for children?

A: Absolutely! Our kit is certified with safety standards to ensure it's safe for use by ages 14 and up.

Q: Can I gift this to someone?

A: Absolutely! Its impressive packaging makes it a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys puzzles, mechanics, or motorcycles.


Customer Reviews

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Issac Casper

Great, very fast delivery, it will be for a gift so we'll see but the box is not damaged, it should have no problem

Alexandrine Rath

Looks great!

Filiberto Kassulke

i put it together as the plan showed but it doesn't work I have had trouble with the Thompson machine gun the other items work well

Kendra Ryan

Very fast delivery! Very happy with purchase!

Delmer Hoeger