35cm Japanese Kawaii Plush Cat, Soft Stuffed Animal, Home Pillow


Dive into a world of cuteness with our brand-new Japanese Kawaii Plush Cat! This soft and huggable stuffed animal doubles as a delightful home pillow, bringing joy and comfort to every corner of your space. Crafted with utmost care and precision, our plush cat is not just a toy but a charming addition to your decor.


Key Features:

🐾 Size: 35CM of pure cuddle perfection!

🌟 Material: Made from soft plush and premium PP cotton for an irresistibly cozy touch.

🎨 Colorful Choices: Vibrant hues that bring this charming feline to life - like in the picture!

📦 Packaging: Delivered in a single-piece OPP bag, ensuring a pristine arrival.

🎭 Theme: Embrace the TV & Movie Character theme, adding a touch of whimsy to your surroundings.

✅ Certification: CE certified for peace of mind and quality assurance.

🌈 Unisex Appeal: Perfect for everyone, regardless of gender or age - spreading joy to all!

🐱 Animal Lover's Delight: Adorable cats that capture the hearts of animal enthusiasts.

🚫 Safety First: Warning - No fire hazard, ensuring a secure and worry-free experience.

🎁 Ideal Gift: Model Number XA2163 makes it a unique and memorable present for loved ones.

🧸 Versatile Type: Whether a plush toy or a nano doll, it epitomizes cuddly perfection.



  • Model Number: XA2163
  • Material Composition: Plush exterior, PP cotton filling
  • Size: 35CM
  • Theme: TV & Movie Character
  • Safety Certification: CE certified


The Japanese Kawaii Plush Cat isn't just a purchase; it's a gateway to happiness and whimsical charm. Whether you're reigniting your inner child's joy or seeking the perfect gift, this plush cat promises to be a cherished companion in every hug and a delightful presence in any room. Take advantage of this cuddly wonder!



Q: Is this suitable for young children?
A: Absolutely! Its safety certification and non-hazardous materials make it ideal for all ages.

Q: Can this plush cat be washed?
A: It can be gently hand-washed, keeping it as fresh and charming as ever.

Q: Is international shipping available?
A: Please check our shipping policy for detailed information on international deliveries.

🌟 Ready to Add Cuteness to Your Life? Order Your Japanese Kawaii Plush Cat Today and Dive into Comfort! 🌟


Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Deion Fritsch

I love!! it’s super soft and bigger than expected, it looks like it was put together very nicely.

Easton Keebler

High quality product. Very soft

Adrienne Bartoletti

Very beautiful

Deanna Watsica

Excellent Cat!

Holly Gerhold

It is bigger than I thought, it is well finished and the fabric is soft. Equals my cat, fat balls inclusive. Satisfied with the purchase I would buy it again