30Pc Mini Wooden Animal Whistles - Kids' Party & Baby Shower Favors


Elevate the excitement at your next kids' party or baby shower with our delightful 30Pc Mini Wooden Animal Whistles! Crafted from high-quality wood and designed with adorable animals, these whimsical whistles are not just party favors – they're a symphony of fun for the little ones!


Key Features:

🦁 Charming Animal Designs: Each whistle boasts a unique animal design, captivating the imaginations of young partygoers.

🎨 Vibrant Variety: With eight styles in one bag, the party never stops! A colorful mix of animal whistles ensures every child finds a favorite.

🧚‍♀️ Perfectly Sized: Compact at 3.3x7.5cm, these mini whistles are ideal for tiny hands, making them a delightful addition to goody bags.

📦 Secure Packaging: Shipped in bubble bags, our whistles are carefully packed to guarantee safe delivery. Your peace of mind is our priority!

🌈 Mixed Color and Style: Embrace the joy of variety! The 30pcs come in mixed colors and styles, ensuring a vibrant and diverse collection for your celebration.

🎈 Versatile Party Favors: Whether it's a birthday bash or a baby shower, these animal whistles add a playful touch to any celebration.

🛍️ Easy Gifting: Packaged in sets of 8pcs, these whistles are ready to be handed out as charming party favors. Let the smiles begin!



  • Quantity: 30 pieces per pack
  • Material: High-Quality Wood
  • Size: 3.3x7.5cm
  • Styles: 8 different animal designs
  • Packaging: Sets of 8 in bubble bags


Take the chance to bring an extra dash of magic to your event. Our Mini Wooden Animal Whistles are not just party favors; they're a memorable addition, with the kids chirping, roaring, and giggling joyfully. Perfect for any occasion, these whistles are sure to be a hit!



Q: Are these whistles safe for young children? 
A: Absolutely! Our whistles are crafted from high-quality wood and are designed to be safe for kids.

Q: Can I choose specific animals for my order?
A: The whistles come in various mixed styles and colors to provide a fun and diverse experience for every child.

Q: What age group are these whistles suitable for?
A: They are perfect for children of all ages, especially those who enjoy a little whimsy and fun!

🎁✨ Ready to turn your party into an unforgettable adventure? Order your 30Pc Mini Wooden Animal Whistles now, and let the fun begin! 🎉🐾


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Elda Batz

Everything wonderful🙏Thank you

Darrin Durgan


Giuseppe Gislason

Seller sent very fast, 1 week to Spain more or less, they are of good quality

Zola Hackett

30Pc Mini Wooden Animal Whistles - Kids' Party & Baby Shower Favors

Boyd Bartell

All very well. Perfect gift for children's birthday guests. Fast shipping.