30cm Cute Lalafanfan Cafe Duck, Soft Stuffed Animal Pillow Toy


Dive into the whimsical world of adorable companionship with our irresistibly charming Lalafanfan Cafe Duck. Crafted with love and overflowing with cuteness, this soft stuffed animal pillow toy is not just a mere plush; it's a delightful expression of joy and comfort. Perfectly blending TV & Movie Character allure with an 18+ age-friendly design, it's the ultimate plushie for all ages.


Key Features:

🦆 Quack-plastic Design: Modeled after everyone's favorite feathered friend, this plush duck brings the joy of the outdoors into your cozy space.

🌈 Certified Cuddles: Rest easy with the CE certification, ensuring your plush pal meets high safety standards for all ages.

🌟 PP Cotton Filling: Sink into a cloud of softness with the plush-toy perfection of PP cotton filling, making every hug and cuddle a delight.

🎬 TV & Movie Magic: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of TV & Movie Characters as this plushie brings the magic of the screen into your arms.

👧👦 Unisex Appeal: Designed for both boys and girls, the Lalafanfan Cafe Duck transcends gender, making it an ideal companion for everyone.

🌈 Plush Perfection: Crafted from high-quality plush material, this stuffed animal pillow toy is a sensory delight – soft to the touch and visually appealing.

🎉 Figure Statue Form: Elevate your décor with a touch of whimsy as this plush duck takes on the form of a figure statue, adding a playful charm to any space.

🧸 Plush/Nano Doll Type: Versatile and huggable, this plush duck is a comforting pillow and a charming nano doll, perfect for any occasion.

🎁 A Perfect Gift: Whether for yourself or a loved one, this Lalafanfan Cafe Duck makes for a heartwarming and delightful gift that brings smiles with every quack.

🔍 Model Number: AM-0001: The mark of authenticity, ensuring you have a genuine Lalafanfan creation.



  • Size: 30cm
  • Material: High-quality plush, PP cotton filling
  • Certification: CE certified
  • Model: AM-0001

The Lalafanfan Cafe Duck isn't just a toy; it's a companion that brings the whimsical charm of TV & Movie Characters into your life. With its unisex design, safety certification, and plush perfection, it's more than a plushie – it's a source of comfort and joy. It is ideal for gifting or adding a touch of enchantment to your collection.



Q: Is it suitable for children? 
A: Yes, the Lalafanfan Cafe Duck is CE-certified, making it safe and suitable for all ages.

Q: Can it be used as a pillow? 
A: Absolutely! Its soft PP cotton filling makes it perfect for cuddling and use as a pillow.

Q: What material is it made of? 
A: It is made of high-quality plush material with PP cotton filling.

Q: Is this an official Lalafanfan product?
A: Yes, it comes with the model number AM-0001, ensuring it's an authentic Lalafanfan creation.

Q: What is its primary function?
A: It is a comforting plush pillow and a charming nano doll, perfect for various occasions.

Bring home the Lalafanfan Cafe Duck today and experience the joy and comfort of a truly magical plush companion! 🌟🦆✨


Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Sally Boyer

Arrived before time very beautiful exceeded expectations. I recommend everyone to buy and be happy like my baby with her little duck lalafanfan

Justina Dicki

This duck is just cutie!

Otho Torp

It is very nice and good size, I still don't open because it is a gift🎁For my daughter, I arrive before the time I said

Ora Gislason

I arrived before the indicated date

Gina Stark

Looks good