Multi-functional 3-in-1 Baby Stroller: High Landscape, Reclining, Lightweight

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Embark on a seamless journey with your baby, from infancy to toddlerhood, with our Multi-functional 3-in-1 Baby Stroller. Engineered for comfort, convenience, and style, the Model BWSV9 is your ultimate companion in nurturing your child's growth and exploration of the world.


Key Features:

🌟 High Landscape View: Elevates your baby for an enhanced view, enriching their exploration and engagement with the surroundings.

🌟 Adjustable Comfort: Effortlessly recline the stroller for optimal comfort during naps or sitting up, adapting to your baby's needs.

🌟 Lightweight & Durable: Constructed with premium aluminum alloy, it balances feather-light handling with the ability to support up to 25 Kg.

🌟 Smooth Rides: EVA/Rubber wheels ensure a smooth, bump-free experience on various terrains, from city pavements to park paths.

🌟 Easy Storage: Designed for compact folding, it's the perfect solution for space-saving in your car or home.

🌟 Premium Materials: The soft Linen fabric offers a cozy seat for your child and a stylish, sturdy frame.

🌟 Safety Certified: With 3C Certification, you're guaranteed a product that adheres to the highest safety standards.



  • Model: BWSV9
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 25 Kg
  • Frame Material: High-Quality Aluminum Alloy
  • Wheels: EVA/Rubber for smooth mobility
  • Fabric: Soft and comfortable Linen
  • Safety Certification: 3C Certified
  • Foldability: Yes, for easy storage


Model BWSV9 isn't just a stroller; it promises unforgettable experiences and ease for you and your baby. It's not just about traveling from one place to another; it's about enjoying every step of the journey in comfort, safety, and style. Choose the only stroller you'll need for your child's formative years.



Q: Can the stroller handle rough terrains? 
A: The EVA/Rubber wheels are designed for smooth rides on various terrains.

Q: Is the fabric safe for my baby's skin?
A: Absolutely! The Linen fabric is soft and gentle, perfect for your baby's comfort.

Q: How compact is it when folded?
A: The stroller folds into a compact form, making it easy to store in small spaces.

Q: Is it suitable for newborns?
A: It's designed to cater to children from 0 to 3 years old.

Q: What about the stroller's durability?
A: Made with high-quality aluminum alloy, it's built to last through your child's early years.

Make the smart choice for your family today. Your journey of memorable strolls with your little one starts with the Model BWSV9. 🛍️👶🌈 Grab yours now!




Customer Reviews

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Jens Vliet

I just love it, it delivered very fast, very easy to install, great quality it’s just amazing, if I could I would give 10 stars to the seller

Lotte Heuvel

perfect my daughter loves it

Niels Ruiter

I love this. So cute and fast delivery. Seller is fast with answers to any question too