24" Reborn Toddler Princess Doll - Long Hair, Cloth Body

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Unleash the magic of childhood with our lifelike and adorable 24-inch Reborn Toddler Princess Doll. This exquisite doll is every bit a princess, crafted with the utmost care to captivate your child's imagination.


Key Features:

👑 Lifelike Features: Made with high-quality silicone vinyl, the doll boasts a soft, realistic touch. The flexible limbs and head allow for natural movement, sparking hours of imaginative play.

👀 Mesmerizing Eyes: Adorned with high-quality acrylic eyes that gleam with realism, this doll's eyes will enchant your child and spark endless storytelling.

💇 Gorgeous Hair: Delicately rooted with hand-applied, high-temperature synthetic wig hair, it's soft and allows for hairstyling fun.

👗 Enchanting Attire: Dressed in an exquisite outfit mirroring the picture, this doll invites your child to explore their styling creativity with real baby-sized clothes (6-9M).

🤸‍♀️ Total Poseability: With a movable head and limbs, the doll can be positioned in various stances for endless play scenarios.

🎁 Extra Treats: Comes ready for play with a milk bottle, pacifier, and a bonus gift toy, offering an all-inclusive, delightful experience.



  • Height: 24 inches
  • Material: Silicone Vinyl Body with Synthetic Wig Hair
  • Eye Material: High-quality acrylic
  • Clothing Size: Fits 6-9 Months Baby Clothes
  • Accessories: Milk Bottle, Pacifier, Bonus Gift Toy


Immerse your child in a world of elegance and imagination with our 24" Reborn Toddler Princess Doll. It's more than just a doll; it's a companion that fosters creativity, storytelling, and emotional development. Ideal for birthdays or any special occasion, this doll promises to be a cherished addition to your child's life, creating memories that last a lifetime.



Q: Is the doll's hair detachable? 
A: No, the doll's hair is firmly rooted and designed for styling and brushing.

Q: Can the doll wear regular baby clothes?
A: Absolutely! She fits perfectly into most 6-9 months of baby clothing, allowing for diverse wardrobe options.

Q: Is the doll suitable for young children?
A: It's designed for children, focusing on safety and durability. However, we recommend it for ages three and up.

🌈 Don't Wait! Bring home the magic of this Reborn Toddler Princess Doll and watch your child's eyes light up with joy and wonder. Order Now and let the enchanting adventures begin! 🌈



Customer Reviews

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Elsie Johnston

Beautiful I would make pictures later but I am more than satisfied very nice doll of very good quality

Dorcas Murazik

Gorgeous very realistic, my baby super happy

Andrew Altenwerth

Beautiful the doll, came with all its accessories and well packed. Super fast delivery to chile

Jazlyn Ernser

My daughter is very happy with the doll. It is exactly as in the picture

Tianna Nolan

I must say that they seem really realist beautiful in the details even big and done really well... Very fast shipping less than 10 days and then all tracked, recommend!