23cm Jellycat Toy Chicken - Cute Stuffed Doll for Kids


It introduces the 23cm Jellycat Plush Chicken, the ultimate cuddle companion for your little ones! This Cute Stuffed Doll for Kids brings joy, comfort, and a notion of playtime to kids. Crafted from high-quality plush material, this charming chicken is designed with meticulous attention to detail, making it an enchanting addition to any child's toy collection.


Key Features:

🐔 Adorable Design: The Jellycat Plush Chicken boasts a delightful design that captures the hearts of both kids and adults. Its charming appearance adds a touch of playfulness to any room.

🌈 Soft and Cuddly: Made from plush material and filled with PP cotton, this stuffed doll offers a soft and huggable texture, ensuring endless snuggles and comfort.

🎉 Versatile Fun: Perfect for all ages, the 23cm size makes it ideal for toddlers, kids, and even those young at heart. It's a versatile addition to any space, whether as a playtime companion or a decorative piece.

🎁 CE Certified: Rest easy knowing that this plush chicken meets the highest safety standards with its CE certification. It's a worry-free choice for parents who prioritize their child's safety.

🚀 Genius Form: The genius form adds a unique touch to the plush chicken, making it a distinctive and imaginative toy for creative play.

👫 Unisex Appeal: With a gender-neutral design, this plush chicken is perfect for both boys and girls, making it an excellent gift option for any occasion.

🌐 TV & Movie Character Theme: Bring the magic of TV and movie characters into your child's playtime with this themed plush doll. It sparks imagination and creativity, making every moment memorable.

🔍 Model Number J-150: Each plush chicken has its own identity - model number J-150, adding a personalized touch to your child's toy collection.

📦 Warning-Free: Rest assured, this plush chicken comes with no warnings, allowing your child to enjoy their new friend without any safety concerns.



  • Size: 23cm
  • Material: High-quality plush, PP cotton
  • Certification: CE Certified
  • Model: J-150


The 23cm Jellycat Plush Chicken is not just a toy; it's a companion that brings warmth, comfort, and joy to your child's everyday life. Its unique charm, safety, and creativity blend make it the perfect addition to your child's world. Don't miss the chance to light up your kid's eyes with this delightful plush chicken!



Q: Is the plush suitable for very young children?

A: Absolutely! Its soft texture and safety certification make it ideal for kids of all ages.

Q: Can this plush be washed?

A: It can be gently cleaned to maintain hygiene and durability.

Q: Is this plush chicken only for play, or can it be used for other purposes?

A: It's versatile! Perfect for play, as a comforting pal, or even as a cute decor item in your child's room.

🌟 Order Now! Let the 23cm Jellycat Plush Chicken be your family's newest, cuddliest member. Bring joy, comfort, and creative play into your child's life today! 🌟


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bridgette Russel

This is not an official Jellycat, it’s a copy. There’s no JC tag so it’s not like it’s trying to be a fake.

Verona Gibson

The city is very funny, the children will be matched, will be honored by the deed of the pre-old, in the first place, in the first place of all the animals of the UAG.

Nicholas Bosco

It's great, very pretty

Micheal Pagac

Very nice size suitable high quality solid and elegant, very nice

Richmond Kub

Beautiful toy, loved my nephew