22" Full Body Toddler Doll - Princess Betty, Long Hair


Meet Princess Betty, the delightful 22-inch wonder that's more than just a doll – she's a companion full of charm and realism. Crafted from soft, lifelike silicone vinyl, Princess Betty brings joy and versatility into playtime like never before. 


Key Features:

👑 Realistic Design: Soft to the touch and incredibly lifelike, this full-body silicone vinyl doll feels like a toddler. Flexible and posable, she can sit, stand, and even enjoy a bath!

🌊 Bath Time Fun: Take playtime to the next level by letting Princess Betty join in the bath or shower – she's designed to make a splash!

💁‍♀️ Poseable & Adorable: With a movable head and limbs, Princess Betty can strike any pose and is ready for endless play possibilities. She can stand with support and sit comfortably, enhancing the imaginative experience.

💇‍♀️ Easy-care Hair: Featuring stable, wig hair that's easy to manage, Princess Betty's long locks are perfect for styling and care just like a real child's hair.

👗 Adorned in Charm: Dressed in an outfit identical to the picture, Princess Betty also fits snugly into 0-3 month baby clothes, allowing for endless wardrobe changes.

🎁 Complete Set: Your order includes a fully dressed doll, a pacifier, a feeding bottle, and an authenticity certificate for the ultimate doll experience.



  • Height: 22 inches
  • Material: Silicone vinyl
  • Hair: Wig-based, long, and easy to style
  • Clothing: Fits 0-3 month baby clothes


 Princess Betty is more than a doll; she's a gateway to a world of creativity, companionship, and joy. Perfect for children seeking a realistic playmate or collectors who appreciate the art of lifelike dolls, Princess Betty promises to bring a touch of enchantment to every moment.



Q: Can Princess Betty join my child in the bath? 
A: Princess Betty is fully waterproof and designed for bathtime fun. She can join your child in the bath or shower, making playtime more enjoyable and versatile.

Q: How do I care for Princess Betty's hair?
A: Her hair is a stable wig, which is easy to manage and style. It resembles a real child's hair so that you can brush and style it gently like a toddler's.

Q: What clothing size fits Princess Betty?
A: Princess Betty can wear clothing designed for babies aged 0-3 months. This allows for a wide range of wardrobe options and fun dress-up activities.

Q: Is Princess Betty poseable?
A: Yes, she is. Princess Betty has a movable head and limbs, allowing her to sit, stand (with a bit of support), and pose in various positions, which enhances playtime and encourages imaginative scenarios.

Q: What comes with the Princess Betty doll?
A: When you order Princess Betty, you receive a fully dressed doll equipped with a pacifier, a feeding bottle, and an authenticity certificate to complete the ultimate doll experience.

🌟 Bring Home Magic with Princess Betty! Don't miss the chance to add this exquisite, lifelike toddler doll to your collection. Perfect for gifting, collecting, or just sharing joyful moments, Princess Betty is waiting to spark imagination and create unforgettable memories. Order now and discover the charm of Princess Betty – where playtime meets realism!


Customer Reviews

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Lora Cartwright


Chet Smith

I am forbidden to get addicted to these dolls my God what lindasssssss, I loved this is the third🥰🥰🥰🥰

Hollie Deckow

It is more beautiful than in the photo your children are very clear

Laney Moore

Came very poorly packaged. You don't even want in a box. They rolled in a light material. The doll arrived with her feet crooked, head crooked. You can't even stand up

Margarett Hermiston

Very beautiful, soft, thank you