12pc 3D Double Layer Butterflies - DIY Magnet Wall Art


Introducing our 12pc 3D Double Layer Butterflies - DIY Magnet Wall Art! Elevate your home decor effortlessly with these enchanting 3D Butterflies Wall Stickers. Each butterfly boasts a mesmerizing double-layer design, adding depth and dimension to your wall decor.

Key Features:

🎨 Vibrant Color Options: Choose 11 captivating colors to tailor the butterflies to your unique style and taste.

📦 Complete Package: Receive a set of 12pcs 3D Butterflies in one package, ensuring you have ample pieces to create a captivating display.

🏡 Versatile Application: Apply these decals to any smooth, clean, hard surface—your wall, door, window, furniture, or more.

🛑 Damage-Free Removal: Enjoy stress-free decorating and redecorating, as our wall decals do not damage your walls upon application or removal.

💸 Affordable Decoration Choice: Ideal for those who love to switch up their home design frequently, our 3D Butterflies provide an affordable and stylish decor solution.

📐 Size Options: Refer to the description for size details to ensure the perfect fit for your intended space.

Easy Application: Apply the butterflies to a clean, smooth, and dry area. Fold them for the 3D effect and effortlessly stick them to your desired place.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of 3D Butterflies and effortlessly transform your living space into a haven of charm and style. Embrace the beauty of DIY Magnet Wall Art and let your imagination take flight!


  • Material: High-quality PVC
  • Size: Refer to the description for details
  • Colors: 11 vibrant options

Add a touch of whimsy and personality to your space with our 3D Double Layer Butterflies. Their mesmerizing 3D effect and versatile application make them the perfect choice for anyone seeking to infuse their surroundings with charm and style.


Q: Are these butterflies easy to remove?

A: Our wall decals are designed for damage-free removal, allowing for stress-free decorating and redecorating.

Q: Can these butterflies be applied to any surface?

A: Yes, they can be applied to any smooth, clean, hard surface, making them perfect for walls, doors, windows, furniture, and more.

Q: How do I achieve the 3D effect?

A: Fold the butterflies before applying them to your desired surface to create a stunning 3D effect.


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12pc 3D Double Layer Butterflies - DIY Magnet Wall Art

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12pc 3D Double Layer Butterflies - DIY Magnet Wall Art

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He says he liked them a lot, they are very beautiful

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i got my bitterflies faster than the Speed of light✨✨✨