100m Flying Water Jet Rocket Launcher - Outdoor Sports Toy


Prepare for gravity-defying excitement with our 100m Flying Water Jet Rocket Launcher! Engineered for high-flying fun, this outdoor sports toy is designed to elevate your playtime to new heights. Crafted from durable PVC, this rocket-shaped launcher is perfect for thrill-seeking individuals aged 14 and up.


Key Features:

ūüöĬ†Inflatable Takeoff:¬†Experience a thrilling liftoff as your rocket inflates for flight.

ūüí¶¬†Water-Powered:¬†Fill it up for water-powered propulsion, adding an extra splash to the adventure.

ūüĒꬆRocket Launchers:¬†Propel your toy rocket up to an astonishing 100 meters, letting it soar through the skies.



  • Model Number:¬† KLS-39
  • Design:¬†Rocket
  • Gender:¬†Unisex
  • Barcode:¬† Not Applicable


Certified with the 3C seal of approval, this toy guarantees endless fun and contributes to the development of essential grasping and movement abilities. However, using this thrilling toy responsibly is important‚ÄĒnever engage in play involving people or animals.

Elevate your outdoor playtime and experience the pure thrill of watching your rocket soar to new heights! Our 100m Flying Water Jet Rocket Launcher is not just a toy; it's a ticket to gravity-defying excitement that will keep you entertained for hours on end. So, gear up, launch your rocket, and let the adventure begin!



Q: Is this product safe for children aged 14 and up?

A: Absolutely! Our Flying Water Jet Rocket Launcher is designed with safety in mind and is suitable for individuals aged 14 and above.

Q: How do I launch the rocket?

A: Inflate the rocket, fill it with water, and use the rocket launcher for an incredible liftoff experience.

Q: Can the rocket be reused?

A: This rocket is reusable, providing countless hours of high-flying fun.

Q: Is this toy suitable for a group activity or solo play?

A: Both! You can enjoy the excitement of launching the rocket alone or share the adventure with friends and family.

Don't miss out on the thrill of our 100m Flying Water Jet Rocket Launcher‚ÄĒorder yours today and take outdoor play to new heights!


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Delfina Quigley

The seller puts all the pieces in a box of another toy quite tight. There are No instructions in either Spanish or English, only in Chinese. You have to decipher several things to know how to assemble it. The pump has a 30-centimeter hose, too small to give pressure and forces you to be glued to the rocket. For a little bit of a dangerous kid to be pumping so close. We will have to see if it works...

Rolando Kunde

The rocket is super nice, not yet tested but seems of good quality and esthetically coolūüĎć

I recommend this sellerūüĎć

Elmer O'Kon


Magdalen Hauck

I strongly recommend this product: everything is provided except the double-sided tape which is better to fix the 2 plastic rectangles to be rolled up into a cylinder; The tank has a size of about 1,2, we always put 1/3 of water in the tank so about mL; I recommend using a bicycle pump with a pressure gauge so you know how many bars you are injecting there. The platform: 2 points to check: the socket which is lowered with the bicycle brake mechanism has a small screw laterally: the clamping collar must not touch this screw otherwise you will be able to lower the socket to release the rocket but it will not go up! The platform is not equipped with a Depressurization valve: therefore you have to adjust the bicycle valve so as to have a micro leak, which can be measured on the pressure gauge of your pump: to be done, tighten the nut below a few turns and check the tightness with the rocket without water.