1/12 Big 38CM 6WD RC Car, 2.4Ghz, High-Speed Off-Road Truck Toy


Unleash the thrill of off-road adventures with our 1/12 Big 38CM 6WD RC Car! This high-speed off-road truck toy is not just a plaything – it's a powerhouse of excitement designed for enthusiasts who crave the ultimate remote control experience.


Key Features:

🌟 Deformation Remote Control Magic: Transform your playtime with the versatile deformation feature, adding fun and excitement to your RC experience.

🚗 Alloy Toughness: Built with a robust alloy body, this RC car is engineered to withstand the rigors of rough terrains, ensuring durability and resistance to falls.

💪 High Strength Magneto: Equipped with a high-strength magneto, our 6WD RC car delivers superior performance, quickly conquering challenging landscapes.

🏞️ All-Terrain Mastery: Conquer any topography confidently – from rocky terrains to sandy dunes, this buggy lets you exercise freedom on complicated landscapes.

🌈 Independent Suspension Shock: Experience tenacious spring shocks that absorb impact independently, providing a smooth and stable ride even in the roughest terrains.

🔥 Grip and Traction: The wide, big tires with deep lines ensure a firm grip, letting you navigate obstacles with precision and confidence.

🏔️ Large Torsion Angle: Navigate mountains and rough terrains with the large torsion angle effortlessly, allowing excellent maneuverability and stability.

🎮 Flexible Remote Control: Take control with the 2.4G remote control, offering flexibility and precision in maneuvering the car through various challenges.

🚙 Six-Wheel Drive Dominance: With six-wheel drive capabilities, this rock climbing car delivers unmatched power, ensuring you're ready for any adventure that comes your way.



  • Scale: 1/12
  • Size: 38CM
  • Drive: 6WD
  • Control: 2.4Ghz Remote Control
  • Body Material: Alloy
  • Terrain Capability: All-terrain


The 1/12 Big 38CM 6WD RC Car is more than just a toy; it's a gateway to uncharted adventures and thrilling experiences. Whether you're a seasoned RC enthusiast or a newcomer to remote-controlled vehicles, this truck is designed to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional performance. Don't just play; dominate the terrain!



Q: Is the car suitable for beginners? 
A: Absolutely! Its user-friendly remote control makes it perfect for beginners and seasoned RC enthusiasts.

Q: Can the RC car handle wet conditions?
A: While it's built for rugged terrains, it's advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to water to maintain its durability.

Q: What is the battery life like?
A: Enjoy extended playtime, but the duration depends on usage and terrain.

Q: Is the car heavy?
A: It strikes the perfect balance between weight and durability, making it sturdy and easy to maneuver.

Q: Are replacement parts available?
A: Yes, replacement parts are available, ensuring your RC car stays in top condition.

Elevate your remote control experience with the 1/12 Big 38CM 6WD RC Car – your ultimate partner in off-road adventures!


Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Blanche Littel

fast delivery and my son loves it

Mertie Rutherford

Exelent product.

Dashawn Keeling

Moves very well everything perfect
Except that the material from which it is made is very poor, it shows that it is a cheap plastic

Monserrate Bashirian

looks great. the servos and motors are quite weak but good for the value. Box was battered and looked like it was already open.

Clay O'Keefe

On-off doesn't work well. I think the product is good for the price. The speed is not fast, but the 6,7-year-old plays with it. Good delivery, well received two days soon